Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Office-Office: The beginning

Every office has its characters.

The bald golf playing prick of a Super Boss who cannot think beyond his Earl Grey and Samosa. The ageing star performer who is defending his turf amidst efforts to get that perfect George Clooney hair style. The wide eyed handle-bar mustachioed young man whose dream is to become star performer and thereby improve his prospects in the marriage market. A butterfly who seems to have lost her way (besides age and beauty, not to mention the brains she may have never had) trying to figure out what she is doing here. A hag in a white garb trying to maintain some semblance of the 33% reservation for the "privileged" gender at the board room. A shy young enthusiastic starry eyed girl who wonders what she has done to deserve being here. And a non-conformist who aims to transform the system.

What happens when they have to work with each other? They put Ekta Kappor to shame.
Straight talk with Arch will aim to share interesting snippets of office life from some of the most elite corporate corridors one can walk.

Disclaimer: None of the characters or incidents in any of my writings are aimed at pulverizing anyone's sentiments or image. If anything, they are a vent for my thoughts, which due to lack of intellectual company, have to be brought online. I will be truly amused if any real people fit the entire description of each of these characters.

Warning: Some of these posts may not be humourous.However, they are likely to evoke a chuckle, grunt, Bah! or Pthooey!.